Best Way to Protect Kids from Online Predators
July 7, 2017

There is a growing number of kids who fall prey to online predators and as a parent you need to take every possible precaution. While you could prevent your child from owning a smartphone it would be more prudent to teach them how to avoid predators. In the interim parents can use applications like snaphack which levels the playing field for parents trying to find out what their kids are doing.

How the Software Works

Without giving away the trade secrets the parent is able to “target” the smartphone of the child without the need to install software. With other types of monitoring software you would need to get the phone, install the application without the child being aware of it. By not having to access the phone physically your child is less likely to suspect anything.  Once the hacking software is running in the background you will see all of the Snapchat messages being sent and received by your child. A good portion of it will be idle chit chat which is great but you need to be on the lookout for inappropriate images being sent from or to your child’s smartphone. There is an epidemic of young people sending inappropriate images thinking that Snapchat will self-destroy the image after a certain amount of time only to find out that isn’t the case.

These communications could be with kids the same age as your child which is one problem but a more serious one is when predators are communicating with your kid. The predators create fake Snapchat accounts that make it look like they are a kid from some other school nearby. These individuals strike up a conversation with your child and before long they have a virtual friendship. What parents need to understand is these predators are “grooming” your child and your kid is not aware of the trap they are entering. In a matter of time the predator will either ask the child for inappropriate images/videos or an in-person meeting.

Right Way to Deal with this Situation

While the first reaction may be to confront your child, take away their phone and punish them it won’t work. If anything it will make your child rebel and try harder to hide their online activities. What you need to do first is using the snaphack information you have collected reach out to your local police department who can begin an investigation on the predator. While the police is working on that you should seek out a qualified counsellor who is experienced dealing with teens involved with child predators. The counsellor will let you know what steps you would need to take to help your child overcome this traumatic event. Your child needs to understand they were victimized and not at fault otherwise the pattern will repeat itself. Now that parents know about what is really happening online they can take steps to help keep their children safe so do not delay following these suggestions.