Important Things All Dog Owners Need to Consider
July 4, 2017

Dog owners who love to walk their dogs need to pay close attention to the overall health of the nails on their dog’s paws. The reason they need to do this is if the nails become too long it could damage your furniture and make it uncomfortable for your dog, imagine running around with long toenails! If your dog has long nails then you might consider purchasing nail clippers for dogs. The challenge with using nail clippers for dogs is you could cut the nail too short which could lead to a lot of pain for your pooch.

Bringing Your Dog to a Groomer

Most dog groomers will provide nail trimming services but you don’t want to have the nails trimmed by just any groomer, you should pick one that has been trimming your puppies fur for a considerable amount of time so there is a relationship. The reason your dog needs a relationship with the groomer is to reduce the risk of your dog jerking their paw away when the groomer attempts to clip the nail.

Selecting the Right Leash for Your Dog

Another important thing that every dog owner needs to have is a suitable leash for their dog. The leash should be strong enough to hold your dog back if they try to dart into traffic but light enough so the dog isn’t exhausted by carrying the leash, imagine a Yorkie hauling a large metal chain! Along with having a sturdy leash it should be long enough to give your fur baby enough freedom to sniff around and “do their business”.

Socializing Your Fur Baby

The sooner a pet parent begins introducing their dog to other dogs the better. Dogs are social creatures much like humans and you need to surround them with other dogs. If your dog is naturally anxious or aggressive then you will need to look for other dogs that have a calm demeanour. There are online dog groups that are dedicated to this topic so you should have no issues finding playmates for your puppy.

Prior to participating in any of these groups you should first bring your dog to the vet to have all of their immunizations. These immunizations will protect your dog and other dogs from harmful diseases so don’t delay bringing your puppy for these important immunizations.

Finding a Pet Partner to Spend Time With

You want to get fit and spend time with your puppy so why not find a pet partner? These are like-minded individuals who will go walking their dogs with yours. By having someone to spend time with exercising you will begin to experience positive changes in your overall health and well-being. By keeping yourself and your puppy active you are going to have more fun and a healthier life overall.

These are some of the key things you should consider when becoming a pet parent so the sooner you start getting active with your little fur baby the happier you will be!