Top Five Signs You Need to Call a Plumber
July 6, 2017

As a homeowner here in the Toronto area there are a number of projects you can tackle in your home that don’t require any experience, training, or special skills. DIY projects have never been more popular, as it seems more and more people are willing to put in the work themselves and end up saving a little money in the process.

With that said, there are some projects and issues that require the attention of a professional. Tackling these kinds of jobs yourself can cause more harm than good. Plumbing issues is a great example of a problem that is most likely out of your area of expertise. To help you out here’s a look at the top five signs that mean it’s time to look into professional Toronto plumbers.

Your Faucet is Leaking

Sure sometimes a leaking faucet is a quick and simple fix, but in other cases it points to a more in-depth problem. It could be that you need a whole new faucet, or perhaps there is an internal part that needs to be replaced. Professional Toronto plumbers can quickly assess the situation and provide you with the proper solution. They may even be able to save your faucet, saving you money.

Damaged Shower Hose

The shower hose is a pretty important component in the bathroom, so if it becomes damaged or broken, you’re going to want to have it fixed/replaced pretty much right away. A plumber can come in and figure out the best solution, hopefully one that doesn’t involve replacing the full shower system.

Toilet Issues

A plumber is also the person to call when you are experiencing issues with your toilet. It could be leaking, it may not flush properly, it could be flooding, there are all kinds of problems it can cause. Not only that but if you have an old toilet then it’s not going to be a low-flow toilet. Today’s models use much less water, which is of course better for the environment and your water utility bill.

Unreliable Water Pressure

You should be able to get consistent and reliable water pressure coming from your faucets. If you notice that something has changed and the water pressure isn’t what it used to be, then it’s a good idea to call in the professionals. This can point to all kinds of problems, some of which are much more serious than others.

The Pipes Have Frozen

Clearly this isn’t an issue that everyone will face, but here in Toronto frozen pipes are a way of life in the winter months. Not only is this a frustrating problem to have, it can also be very expensive if the pipes end up bursting. Professionals are able to properly relieve the pressure and deal with the problem.

Save Yourself Time, Hassle, and Money

There is no shame in admitting a project is too big for you to tackle. When it comes to plumbing issues there’s a good chance you’ll save yourself time, hassle, and money by knowing when to call in the professionals.